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How to Make a Successful Wellness Week Event

Wellness Week™, March 19-25, is fast approaching, and one of the inspiring components of this weeklong event is the chance for partners to host free community events. In addition to SpaFinder’s extensive national advertising and PR initiatives for Wellness Week, these happenings encourage people in your area to take charge of their health — and ultimately provide you with an innovative way to market to both current clients and new ones. Your event doesn’t have to be fancy or intimidating – from a simple sip-and-spa get-together to a nutritional talk, look at your event as a way for people to explore your spa, yoga, Pilates or fitness studio, and recognize that it’s a rewarding way to give back and represent your community.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Why Host a Wellness Week event?

  • It has potential to raise awareness of your business
  • It can generate customers – whether old or new –  to come through your doors
  • It encourages clients to try something new

Planning Your Event from A to Z

Pre-event planning

  • Motivate your fitness/wellness team to brainstorm: Have a meeting with your spa or wellness team to brainstorm and assign responsibilities.
  • Keep it simple: Pick just one message or topic that your event revolves around. Recruit a lead therapist, a nutritionist, wellness consultant, etc. to come in and deliver a lecture or speech. Invite clients to come in for a tour and serve champagne. Gift a product to clients and explain to them the benefits. Check out the SpaFinder Wellness Week Event in a Box for ideas.
  • Create a snazzy invite to generate a crowd: Use an attention-grabbing title, urge invitees to mark their calendars and bring a friend or create a call to action by including an RSVP. If using an electronic invitation, have a link that people can click on right to the RSVP. Remember to put signs up in the reception area to promote your event, and post event details on your social media pages.
  • Promote: Check your inbox for an email explaining the Wellness Week toolkit that includes password-protected marketing tools – posters, web banners, templates and more – to help you promote your offerings in your community.
  • Get spa or wellness brands involved: Vendors have an annual budget for sampling and are enthusiastic about promoting their brand, so inquire with your spa or wellness business’s brand. Some 2012 Wellness Week Spa Brand partners – Alchimie Forever, June Jacobs, Belly Friendly, Somme Institute and Suvara – guarantee they will support the events if your business already works with them.
  • Be resourceful: Or, get local businesses involved as well and ask for donations, whether it be food or beverage or decor.
  • Set revenue targets: While the foundation of these events lies in education and raising awareness toward a healthier lifestyle, events do have income potential. You’re going to spend money, but you can also make money. People that go to events are in the party mode, which can mean the buying mode.

Tips for a successful event

  • Host the event during Wellness Week; it’s an ideal time because there’s already extensive national advertising and PR initiatives behind the nation’s largest wellness event.
  • A private affair: If you’re able, just keep the event private.
  • Initiate a call to action, i.e., the first 10 people to RSVP get a free consultation, product, goody bag with your spa menu and samples, etc.
  • Picture perfect: Have someone on staff take photos during the event that can later be uploaded to your social media outlets.
  • Indulge the senses: Let party guests use their senses. Have aromatherapy oils for them to smell, scrubs and masks to try, spa tours, etc. And if you’re going high-tech with your event, we recommend performing invasive services on other spa therapists or models and not necessarily a party guest.

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